Jeff Davis County welcomes and encourages businesses large and small, knowing that their success echoes through every sector of our community. Proximity to Highway 341, a major four-lane corridor, as well as the presence of a prominent rail line, provides Jeff Davis County businesses with access to global markets, while low taxes and a sense of heritage encourage local entrepreneurship in the downtown areas.

Key Advantages:

  1. Only 1½ hours west of the Port of Brunswick, Georgia, and the Port of Jacksonville, Florida, 2 hours southwest of the Port of Savannah, and 3 hours south of Atlanta, Georgia
  2. In the #1 state for business
  3. Available, affordable buildings and developable sites
  4. An educated workforce with a high work ethic
  5. Job tax credits based on job creation and investment
  6. Freeport exemption on work-in-process, raw materials, and finished goods
  7. State-sponsored labor recruitment and training programs
  8. Strong, local banking institutions for assistance in financing

Our advantages, though, mean nothing without a desirable quality of life. We have that, too, as attested by the businesses, industries,